Who Needs An E3 Booth? Here Are Nine New Grand Theft Auto V Screens

Jetskis! Biplanes! Burning helicopters! Pyschopaths! Hey, maybe it's not at E3 and it's not on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but Rockstar Games didn't want you to forget about Grand Theft Auto V, so here are nine more screenshots to pick apart.

No, really. That's all I got. Here they are.


    Spectacular! I'm particularly loving the scuba scenes. "Do you like scuba!?". Yes, I like scuba...

    You are holding out.. where is more? :P no really I cant wait for this to come out, I have all the others and just want to play now... looking really good.

    3 months is going to be a long long time

      I'm holding out for the PC version, my pain is a tad worse. Want it NOW

    Dear Rockstar, fuck you, stop teasing.

    Sincerely, everyone who wants GTA V.

    Is GTA V going to be on PS4????

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