Who's Your Favourite GI Joe Character? Say Shipwreck

Not that any other choices aren't valid, but typing in Kotaku into the referral code box on the pre-registration website for G.I. Joe Battleground won't get you anyone else.

DeNA is gearing up to launch the free game on iOS and Android, and folks who pre-register using that super-secret code will score not only Hector Delgado up there, but also the Storm Shadow that all of those pre-reg folks get.

It's one of those free-to-play collector-type games but damn, that art — that's the coolest Shipwreck has ever been.


    All I thought was: "look at all your different coloured hats!"

      Don't forget your sandwiches.....

    I wonder if he'll shout "Get over here!" to boot!

    I prefer Shoreleave from Venture brothers.

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