Why Is Company Of Heroes 2 Poking At World Of Tanks?

You want tanks? Oh, Company of Heroes 2 has your tanks. It’s got an entire world of tanks. It also has things that aren’t tanks, which is something you can’t say about World of Tanks why are we doing this?

Perhaps you are confused, Sega, being new to the whole Company of Heroes thing. You don’t have to poke at games that share the same sort of setting, especially when they are really two very different animals.

Here’s how you market Company of Heroes 2 — that was it, you just say the name. Put it in a nice font. Slap it on a jay-peg or jiff and put it on the Steam store page.

If you want to get fancy with a trailer called “More Than Tanks”, then that’s your thing, but you really missed out on not doing a parody of Extreme’s “More Than Words” to go along with it.


  • Nice glorifying of war, relic. Incredibly shameful.
    What you are supposed to do with a game like this is use words like ‘battle’ and ‘combat’, and only mention world war 2 to let people know what times it’s set in. Sort of how automotive products and services had to stop using the word ‘power’ and replaced it with the ever vague ‘performance’.

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