Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Is $6.79 On Steam Right Now

Just in time to get hyped up about The Witcher 3, Steam's selling off the first sequel at a 66 per cent discount this weekend.

One entertaining side-thought here: Steam's also got the Prima strategy guide on the same 66 per cent off sale price, but it comes in as more expensive than buying the actual game itself. Nearly twice as much, in fact.

Also, quick confession time: I know it's critically adored, but The Witcher series is one that I've never even been anywhere near. Is this the right game for me to break into the series with, or should I start back at the beginning?

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition [Steam]


    I think that you should probably start at the beginning. Both games are good, but 1 will feel even more dated than it is if you go back to it after 2.

    Still, I think you could probably come in at 2 and not get too lost.

    If only I didn't own 5 copies of witcher 1 and 2 but i could do with two more

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    to be honest im the same. bought 1 a little while back for chips.
    But if youre expecting Skyrim or Fable you are mistaken. I was not happy at all with the controls or fighting system even tho my mate raved on about it over and over. I'll likely blitz through it for story alone then go for glory with the last one

    FYI. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Directors Cut is just $3.39USD on Steam right now too. So you could get both for a little over 10 bucks.

    I played through most of the first one and recently bought the second one, though I waited for ages for it to go on sale on gog.com instead of steam.

    I've been waiting for the second one to come down more in price. Looks like my wallet's $7 lighter

    Might buy if it works well with a 360 controller. Any comments?

      I tried it and it works really well! A lot of people prefer the gamepad.

    Get both. The storyline across the two is amazing, but be aware that they have vastly different gameplay. If you haven't played them before, you may wish to play the second game first, as it plays a bit more conventionally.

    The first is very mouse/keyboard. You can even play in a pseudo-isometric way if you want, or a more standard over the shoulder, but all combat etc is via timed mouse clicking.

    The second is more accessible with OTS combat that works very well with a gamepad. Obviously, the production values are much higher in TW2 (the first game was made in Polish only, hence the iffy voice acting/dubbing that was patched in later).

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