Woman's Breast Implant Ruptures After Four-Hour Gaming Session

Reports out of China state that woman suffered at least one ruptured breast implant after lying on her stomach for four hours and gaming. According to Chinese news reports, Xiao Ai (a pseudonym) had recently got into an iOS app called Dragon Summon and was often staying up late to play the game. Earlier this month, she was in bed, playing the app for a long session, when she felt a pain in her chest.

Ai was rushed to the hospital, and Xinhuanet reports that the hospital's doctor said she was in a bad position for an extended period of time, putting pressure on the implants and causing the rupture. (The Chinese news sources do not specify if both implants, which she got five years ago, were affected.)

Implants or not, it's always a good idea to take breaks while gaming — stand up and change your posture. This is important stuff. Don't forget.

女子趴在床上玩游戏4小时导致胸部硅胶破裂 [News.CH via SZNews via Beijing Cream]

Picture: wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock


    what if she had slept on her stomach for 8 hours? boobie implants cant take the strain??

    Yeah my girlfriend often falls asleep on her stomach and unless I push her off my side she would stay that way for the whole night. Must be dodgy implants I'd say.

      Probably made in China :-p

        My girlfriend doesn't have implants. I was commenting on sleeping on the stomach and how that it is odd that that is the cause for the rupture.

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