World Of Warcraft Accounts Are Getting Jacked, Yo

Blizzard has released a statement revealing that there's been a "recent increase in unauthorised World of Warcraft account-logins".

These are coming in via Blizzard's site and the WoW mobile armory app, leading Blizzard to temporarily suspend access to its auction house via the game's mobile app.

Affected account holders are being contacted by Blizzard and reminded, hey, two-step authentication exists for a reason.

Account Security Warning [Blizzard]


    They're welcome to mine. I spent all the gold before I quit though.

      Ditto, been cold turkey from wow for the last 6 months now, went back for Panda's cause a friend sent me a scroll of res, bought a time card, and lasted about 20 days before I quit. Time card had not even expired when I just said 'Screw this, not the daily grinds again'.

      Seems most Blizzard games I'm walking away from now ... quit WoW, stopped playing D3, and even stopped SC2 and I actually liked SC2 and expansion ....

        Yep. I was the same, I played Mists until about November then just walked away. Came back when Blizzard gave out free weeks at patch 5.2, logged in once or twice just chatted with a friend, I then thought i'll buy 30 days game time and finish Loremaster, ha, I never logged in more than once. I was just so over it.

    my acct got stolen over a year ago and i hadnt played for so long i couldnt remember any of my security question so i just gave up on trying

    I stopped playing when I realized I was only playing to get the time lost proto drake.

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