It'd Be Nice If We Could All Own A Beautiful Bronze Normandy Like This

A Lego Normandy sure is impressive, but will it pass the test of time... or even a moderate bumping? Why take the chance when you could get a metal-plated version instead, one that stands a reasonably better chance of surviving the fictional rigours of space in Mass Effect (or errant elbow)?

This extremely limited edition, 17.14cm long replica is being produced in a single batch of 300 by Dark Horse Comics for this year's San Diego Comic-Con, which sadly puts it out of reach for most Asia-Pacific folk. Though I'd argue the antique silver version, which is readily available (1500 units), is just as nice-looking — and shinier.

True, the silver version is the SR-2, rather than the SR-1, so fans of the original ship will remain unsatisfied, but then, that's what eBay is for.

SDCC 2013 exclusive: Mass Effect: bronze Normandy SR-1 ship [Dark Horse Comics]


    They had the bronze SR-2 at SDCC 2012 which was released alongside the silver one linked above. I got myself a silver one as it was shinier (they had them on display next to each other). I find the bronze looks almost dirty in the crevasses that show the detail. Only reason worth getting the bronze one over the silver one (from my perspective) would be the limited quantity making it more unique.

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