Xbox Live Gold Price Not Going Up For Xbox One

Xbox Live Gold will cost $79.95 per year in Australia on Xbox One, as it does now, Microsoft confirmed today. Microsoft's Marc Whitten also said that Xbox Live Gold users will have access to Skype group video calling which will be compatible with Skype users on PCs and Macs.

In a letter to Xbox Live gamers, Whitten said:

We are bringing the Xbox Live Gold membership from Xbox 360 to Xbox One starting at the same $US5 per month for a one-year membership, and now anyone in your home can access many Xbox Live Gold benefits on your Xbox One at no additional cost. Your primary Xbox Live Gold membership also travels with you to any Xbox One system. Xbox Live Gold offers a premium interactive entertainment service on Xbox One that spans across games, TV shows, movies, music, sports and more.

Whitten made no mention of online multiplayer no longer being a paid feature. So, until we hear otherwise, assume it will still be Gold only.


    I can't imagine why anyone would expect online multiplayer to stop being a Gold feature, especially since Sony have added it to their list of PS+ features.

    But it would be nice if Microsoft could chip the price down a bit, or improve the bonuses a bit. While I appreciate the free Xbox360 games Gold members will get from July 1st, AC2 and Halo 3 aren't exactly premium titles anymore. They're not exactly sticking their neck out, are they?

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      Indeed, noticed they had Uncharted 3 last month on PS+. Nice.

      They should have given away Fable 1 over Fable 3. Halo 3 is a joke giveaway haha, but I can only imagine them getting better and better...hopefully. Some decent XBLA giveaways would be nice also.

      Halo 3 is a joke. It's old and whoever wants to play it, has played it and those who don't aren't going to get it.

    What a surprise. At least that's $80 a year I can spend on chocolate or something.
    And of course they're still going to charge you to use your internet connection, this is Microsoft. Or should I say M$$$$S$$$?

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      As opposed to P$$$$$ who are doing the same thing?

        Yeah, it's disappointing that Sony are doing it too. I just wanted to make a "joke" wherein I replaced all the letters of Microsoft with a dollar sign, except the logical choice: the S.

    Does anybody know how much the PSN+ will be in $AU?

      It will cost about.... minus 5 triple A titles that you want to play :)

        $70 PSN+; $80 XBL - both standard cost for the year.

        The standard pricing is $10 difference. You save $10 with PSN. For the year. That's less than $1 per month saved. That is not a saving worth getting picky over.

        The benefit of PSN+ is, as said above, the free AAA titles you can get. That's the benefit of having the poorer quality service. You get cool stuff for free to keep you happy :)

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          They also usually have periodical offers of three extra months free, which is usually the time I renew my membership.

          Cheers guys!

          I paid 40 Australian dollars for my last 12 month xbox live subscription :) should last me a few months into the xbox one's lifespan.

      It's already $69.95 in Aus. I don't think they will change the price once PS4 is released.

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      Your current subscription on PS Vita and PS3 transfers to PS4, no additional cost for another subscription. But I'm pretty sure it's cheaper for PS+.

    Hey! Can we still expect Microsoft to hold our bank details at ransom while they leech our money through their auto-renewal program that we didn't sign up for and is impossible to cancel once they get your information? :)

      They clearly tell you during sign up it's auto renewing and it's pretty easy to cancel.

        I've tried cancelling it three times, and now I have to wait 30 days to do it again.

    Just don't buy it with the australia fuck you tax and it only costs $44.

      I buy the family pack, $120 gets me four subscriptions to gold for my family. But it looks like I'll only need a single subscription for the Xbone

    Cheapest price for XBL Gold online is about $43, cheapest for PSN online is about $60.

    Anyone that buys this at retail is insane. I haven't paid more than $50 a year for Live. Ozgameshop email codes etc.

    Not sure where/how to get cheaper ps+ though. Any ideas?

      Ozgameshop sell them too. $59 last I checked.

        Couldnt find it on there when I checked yesterday, ill check again. Cheers!

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