Xbox One And PS4 Have Officially Killed The Old-Fashioned CRT TV

When the Xbox 360 and PS3 launched, the world was just making the transition to high definition TV sets. There were growing pains, and the feeling that it'd be years until enough people owned one that they would become mandatory. Guess that time is now.

While the Wii U - and let's be real, it's basically last-gen tech - soldiers on with component output, both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will only output video signals via HDMI. The Xbox One specifically states that it needs a "720p or higher HDMI-compatible TV", while the PS4's spec sheet says the console only outputs via HDMI.

Most of you - especially those who will be early adopters - are probably fine. Wondering what all the fuss is about. But there are still plenty of people gaming on CRT TVs (there were even CRT HD sets), and some (we've got someone on staff) who have a HDTV, but an older one which only accepts component cables.

On the downside? There are people who aren't just going to need a new console, but a new TV. On the upside? With HD being mandatory, we won't get a repeat of those problems where some people couldn't read the text in certain games.


    as much as the ps4 is kickass still disappointed no rear usb

      Hmm don't you think if you don't even own an hdtv you probably won't be in the market for a 399$ console on day one. That seems obvious to me

      Take a closer look man.

        At the Aux I/O port?

          It may have AUX written on it, but it's clearly a USB port.

          Last edited 13/06/13 9:03 am

            Doesn't look wide enough to be a USB port, looks like a mini Display port in my opinion.

              PlayStation Eye specific USB port.

                That's what I was thinking. So I might be wrong on it being able to accept normal USB alas, I can think of so few reasons why I would want a rear USB port on it anyway.

      Why do you NEED usb ports on the back? I am faaaiiiirrrrlllly certain the ones on the front function exactly the same as the ones on the back.


    now i know i can import a ps4 from the states and still use a standard AC cord to power it :)

      How do you know? It may not be an auto switching power supply inside. I have devices that uses the figure 8 power cord but still required 110v in.

      Im going to URGENTLY warn you that if you import it from the states, you need a stepdown transformer....

      United States = 120V @ 60hz
      Australia = 240V @ 50hz

      so basically, you will fry it.... wait for Kogan, as they import 240V PAL consoles from regions such as UK/ASIA

        wait for Kogan, as they import 240V PAL consoles from regions such as UK/ASIA

        I wouldn't count on that. Converted, the UK/EU prices are actually more expensive than the AU price. The only way you'd get a big saving is by importing from the US.

    How disappointing especially given the input lag on HD TV's completely ruins the experience of playing a game on them.

      Yes. Although admittedly the lag from a digital signal is far smaller than that from an analogue.

      Though one thing I wonder... would this allow them to block people recording gameplay, through HDCP or whatever? I know I don't know much about that being a thing or not, but just wonder if it's a possibility.

        almost a guarantee... youll probably need a capture device that decrypts HDCP

      What the $%#4 are you smoking?

      Most HDTV's have a response time of less than 10ms with the average around 5, that is not noticeable input lag, its actually impossible for the human eye.

      THE ONLY time you will notice it outside of having some china branded no name tv you got for $40 with terrible specs would be on a guitar hero game and only at the higher levels when it actually makes a difference.

      Needing a HDTV isn't even an Issue at this point. If you can afford a $600 console and games you can afford buying a $200 32 in HDTV, the prices are 1/10 of what they used to be.

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        Really? According to CNET tests, they didn't find any TVs with <10ms input lag.

        I did my own crude test on my Samsung using an HDMI out on a tablet running a millisecond stopwatch app and using a camera to take shots of the table and the tv at the same time. And I got around 50ms. And this was using Game Mode.

      Change your HD TV to game mode. Fixes the problem straight away

        Fixing isn't the same thing as mitigating. For straight up latency free gaming nothing beats a CRT being fed an analogue signal.

        Game modes can help significantly especially on older TV's where the image processor and display controllers were much slower but the problem never truely goes away (although there are some desktop monitors that are getting close). It's why making games like Bust A Groove and Parappa the Rapper really isn't possible any more, not without loosening up the timing significantly.

    I doubt anyone's actually making CRTs anymore...

      they may not make them but people still have them

        having said that, this has happened before. I remember going to my Nan house in the summer and not being able to play my old PS1 because they only had a coax input and no RCA input. The the times are a changin'

          Yeah I had that problem too.... $20 adapter from Big W solved it though.

    There, I fixed it.

    I didn't realise they won't support component, interesting. Fairly bold move.

    When I lived in a temporary apartment recently it had a small flat screen tv, so I thought surely it'll have component (if not hdmi) so I can play games. Nope, composite only lol. Thank the maker I've just moved and bought a 40", can't wait to hook up my gear to it!

    This is a non-issue. There is HDMI-to-Component cables out there.

    The one thing I want to know, how the funk will I set up my audio. My current sound system uses a PC surround sound system, which connects to my PS3 using the component audio cables.

    I guess I will just have to use my TV's audio out. However, that kinda sucks. Maybe it will fix my audio sync issue though.

      Use the optical out on the PS4 - the pS3 also has one too. TOSlink cables can be picked up for around $10 online. Though your sound system must also have an optical input available.

      All my shit goes through an amp/receiver instead of straight to my TV, so I can get sick audio. So in theory I believe this set up would allow me to use RCA outputs to a CRT TV.

    How much is a HDTV nowadays anyway? You can probably get a decent 42 inch for less than either console.

    720p LCD/Plasma TVs are insanely cheap. Have a look on the JBHIFI site for example, I saw some for $150 - $350. At the very least people can afford a PC monitor w/HDMI input and a minimum resolution of 1280x720. They've been around for so long now that the price should be a non issue if you can afford a $600 console. Digital everything is here, it's the future and even analogue FTA TV is slowly being switched off now.

    Personally, I've got a 42" 1080p LED TV with 4 HDMI ports, and pretty much all the devices/connections I use are digital. We've gotta move into new era's at some stage, prepare folks! Oh and buy your HDMI cables online, dirt cheap!

      FYI, FTA analog TV will be completely gone by the end of this year.


    The games won't look like sht for that minority anymore. :D

    Alot of people that don't have hd tvs... Actually have hdmi supported computer monitors... So more people might adapt those as their console screen as well.

    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! How dare they make me upgrade my CRT TV! Next they'll want me to connect to the internet and keep my used games!!! :P

    I.... I have no HD TV and I've already pre-ordered the PS4. I have an old CRT TV (works perfect honestly for how old it is. Man, it's even better than some HD TV's people I know own.), and I don't know how i'm going to get around this ._. The PS4 is a gift from my aunt and uncle, and they already paid for a 3k computer for me a few weeks ago, so I have no idea how this is going to work out seeing as I have zero money myself. (And yes, I know I'm lucky to get this stuff, I'm not going to complain. It's just rather disappointing to know I don't currently have a way to use one of their gifts to me.)

    If anybody has any reasonable solutions to this problem that won't cost me an arm and a leg, please reply.

      if you have a computer monitor that supports dvi/hdmi you could use that to run the ps4's display

    Well, I'm running both PS4 and Xbox One by component @1080p to my Pioneer Kuros plasma using a HDfury2 and it's kicking ass graphics on screen !

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