Xbox One Checks In To Late Night TV

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer comes across as more of an infomercial guy than a talk show guest here in this stint on Jimmy Fallon, but hey, he’s not the focus here. The Xbox One and some games are. Namely Killer Instinct and Forza 5.

Not sure they were the two best games to bring on the show, because, well, watching it on the TV screen (or on someone else’s TV screen on YouTube) it’s tough seeing much of an improvement over the Xbox 360, even when Spencer outlines the “laser capture” work done on Forza 5. Who’s looking at the background in a racing game?

What is easy to see, though, is Jimmy Fallon’s button-mashing and grandma-driving, which are both terrifying and adorable.

Game companies have got their hooks into Fallon’s show all week, with Sony, Ubisoft, Activision and Nintendo to each get a spot for the rest of the nights this week.


  • Spencer outlines the “laser capture” work done on Forza 5. Who’s looking at the background in a racing game?

    Ahh, the gaming media, always trying to pick something negative about the new Xbox…. Kotaku especially does this, when the 3DS came out it was negative article after negative article.

    • That wasn’t negative, they were talking about how the games they showed probably weren’t the best to showcase a next gen console with because it’s hard to see any major improvements over the previous gen in them.

  • Microsoft always seems to show off racers and fighters for their new consoles.
    MGS 5 would have demonstrated the system better

      • Good point. Knowing Kojimas writing, the opening cinematic alone will probably run the length of both Leno and Fallons shows combined

    • A damn shame that KI is a huge money grab though…

      It’s been marketed as a F2P game but you basically get *one* character for free and need to pay to unlock per character.

      • Or you can buy the entire full game for 60 bucks, They are giving you different options. Which sounds good to me.

  • Wait, he just said its 3 times as powerful as 360. Weren’t they saying 8-10 times as powerful before? What happened to the rest of the powerfullness?

    • I believe that the idea is that with “THE POWER OF THE INTERNET” they can make the system 8-10 times as powerful.

      Except that even if we were to assume that they created a zero latency system, the bandwidth of your connection is going to be a tiny fraction of what the Xbone will be processing. But ignore that, because it’s not HYPE enough.

      • Nah, seems like he just messed up and got it wrong, he clarified on twitter

        “Phil Spencer ‏@XboxP3 16h
        @JuanCabrera It was a mistake, 8x is the right number. I just messed up the line.”


        “Phil Spencer ‏@XboxP3 16h
        @skidoo800R Depends on exactly what you are doing with the system. For purely local compute functions closer to 10x + Cloud.”

        There’s my 8-10x… phew…

        • Yeah, you’re right, my mistake on the numbers, I was thinking of the PR speak they had back at the launch event where they talked about it having 40x the power of the 360, which was clearly, errr, let’s go with “wishful thinking.” Maybe I should be less negative towards Microsoft in the future, but then, where’s the fun in that?

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