XCOM: Enemy Unknown To Hit iOS This Week

Firaxis, developers of Enemy Unknown, the latest instalment in the long-standing XCOM series of tactical RPG/strategy games, announced that the game's iOS port will be arriving in just three days' time, on Thursday. Enemy Unknown for iOS will be a universal app featuring GameCenter and iCloud support; "the complete XCOM experience of the console and PC version of the game, optimised for the touch interface of iOS devices."

A head-to-head multiplayer mode will also be included after release, in a free update. Firaxis has supplied a screenshot to give us a sense of what the game will actually look like:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS will launch on June 20.


    Can't wait for this. Any indication on what the price will be?

      $20 in the US. Not entirely sure what that equates to here.

    Hope there's some sort of undo or confirmation option, precision with the movement grid was sometimes flakey on game pad, let alone with a touchscreen...

      it was pretty accurate with a mouse and a touch-screen is more like a mouse than a gamepad. I reckon it will be fine.

    Inb4 people start asking for an Android version.


    Also, one thing I've seen complaints about is that the map variety is a little less than in the full game. But I've never seen a level like the one in that image! I suspect it's not a big deal because Firaxis have said a player will not see every map in one playthrough - and I guess I didn't!

    So pumped for this!

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