Yes It’s Amazing, But Can Tetris *Truly* Be Art?

Yes It’s Amazing, But Can Tetris *Truly* Be Art?

Look it’s early in the day, but this is a very strong contender for the best thing ever today. By using a super clever algorithm, and speeding things up massively, it’s possible to create some absolutely startling Tetris art that is completely created and destroyed on the fly. Finding it difficult to envision? Just watch the video and set reactions to ‘amaze’.

It’s super clever. The mechanics of Tetris are basically being exploited in order to make art from video games. Mario is there, Link, Samus. It’s mesmerising to watch, and fun to try and guess who is being ‘built’ ahead of time. Watch it!


  • There was a mode in Tetris Party on the Wii that played like this, but you were only required to produce the correct shape; the colours change automatically when you drop a piece in the right place. Some of the later levels that required placing blocks with gaps underneath got pretty tough!

  • How did the Mrs Pacman one work? Is it defying the laws of Tetris or has it just been so long since I played it I have forgotten the mechanics?

    • There’s no “gravity” in tetris. Once a block is locked in place, each of it’s 4 sub-blocks is locked in place until it is removed by making a line.
      In this case, they have made blocks overhand the required coloured block, then deleted the pieces above it to get the effect you see in the ms pacman one.

      It’s damn impressive the algorithm can handle that as well. Very nice!

  • Almost as interesting as the art itself is the block statistics.
    The square seems to be programmed to comparatively hardly show up at all, and the Z block was often taking the lead with most shows.
    Between the two, the Z block would have up to 5x more appearances than the square!

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