You Can 3D Print Pip-Boy 3000s Now

We've seen some impressive real-world Pip-Boy replicas in the past, but getting your hands on one? A tricky task. With 3D printing however — and the help of this talented individual — it's slightly more possible that a working version of the retro wrist gadget could be yours.

An Instructables user by the name of "dragonator" not only crafted his own 3D model of a Pip-Boy, but stuck a few electronic bits (LEDs and buttons) and a smartphone into the mix as well to fashion a decent approximation of the franchise's signature device.

While I doubt any of us will be downloading the model and making our own Pip-Boy, it's a neat achievement nonetheless. Unfortunately, it doesn't come out of the printer looking like this — the version you see here has had a few coats of paint and is held together by screws and glue.

So... anyone out there with a 3D printer willing to pump out a few of these for us? We can offer you an unlimited supply of, uh, hugs.

A 3D-printable Pip-Boy 3000 [Instructables]

Images: dragonator / Instructables


    Cute.. I could imagine a heartrate monitor attached to this with some form of 'run tracker' app or similar. A headphone input and bam baby. A steampunk training aid.

    Pretty cool, im waiting for people to start printing portable N64 shells to make modding slightly faster

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