You Can Now Buy The Internet. The Whole Damn Thing.

If you've never seen The IT Crowd, I feel bad for you, son. I also suggest you watch this. Up to speed? OK, awesome. Aussie artist Mike Jenkins has started building his own replicas of The Internet, complete with blinking red light, and is selling them for $30.

$30, for the entire internet. Bargain! Just, you know, be careful.

The Internet [Etsy, via Laughing Squid]


    This is more useless than the Useless Box from ThinkGeek :>

    Did this guy get permission from the Elders of the Internet first?

    Why is there canned laughter every 3 seconds - I didn't even manage a smile through the whole thing...

    Malcolm Turnbull practically invented this already.

    i fucking love the it crowd, this is one of my favourite eps

      *IT - sure you love it? Maybe you only love ballsacks and bacon?

      Last edited 29/06/13 11:15 am

        sorry IT, wait wtf? ballsacks? im a guy man, im completly straight, but yes i do like bacon

    If this doesn't come with a certificate of authenticity from Stephen Hawking then it's probably not genuine.

    Just be sure you don't use it to type 'google' into Google.

    Also, for those who are a bit more capable than I, there's a how-to guide to building one yourself here:

    The laugh track just made it completely unwatchable.

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