You Didn’t Ask For This Deus Ex, But You Might Want It Anyway

It might not be on the platform you wanted it to be on, but you have to admit Deus Ex: The Fall looks pretty sweet. A lot of folks were angry over the revelation earlier this week that the next game in the Deus Ex series was coming to iOS and Android devices. After years of playing on PC and consoles, that’s understandable.

I just don’t think we should let disappointment take away from the fact that this looks like a damn fine entry in the series, featuring nearly everything that made Deus Ex: Human Revolution such a great game. Just look at this E3 trailer. They’re trying really hard.

Who knows, maybe The Fall has better boss fights?


  • Hopefully with an android release confirmed they can get it running on the ouya, funnily enough this would be the game to make me pick one up.

    • But, and not start a platform war because really who cares, they can be assured the 30% they target can run the thing. Big games like this are harder to get running on a decent number of Android devices.

      • Well, Fahey just said it will support Android (thank God!) but I haven’t read that anywhere else.

        Anyway, for a game of this quality people won’t be expecting it to be running on anything less than Android 4.0 (or 3 really), which is still ~50% of devices for sales. And there are only 10-30 devices from the big brands that they need to support which are mostly the same, anyway.

        I mean, for sure it’s more work but it’s not a ridiculous amount considering it’s at least a quarter of the mobile phone market are asking for it (which will grow when people with older phones upgrade).

      • Well no, their not assuring that at all. There are 4(?) different types of ipad. In all likelihood only the last two models will be able to play it. So while 60% of those people are fine, they are really only targeting 22.5% of the mobile TABLET devices. Which is a small percent of the mobile market.
        Great job Squeenix!

  • I’m sure there will be a PC version. Otherwise i’m sure many are just going to skip this game.
    Also, hopefully they go easy on the ‘left-wing propaganda’ undertones this time around. That stuff just ruined the experience of DE:HR for me.

  • what braindead moron thought that iOS and Android would be the appropriate platform for a sequel to a revered triple A franchise?

    As if the angry bird playing simpletons who game on phones and tablets will appreciate this.

    Also: No Elias Toufexis. That sucks.

  • I watched the video and it doesn’t look anything like a damn fine game. It looks like a clunky piece of shit with bad controls and sub par graphics.

    It looks like a cheap money grab title. I am SHOCKED that it isn’t called Spy Man 2027 while being made by Game Loft.

  • If I get it, I’ll make sure to use a controller to play it. I like the idea of using the touch screen for inventory menus and such but trying to play an FPS on a touch screen is a huge problem for me.

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