Fine Art: You Won't Believe This Is An Indie Combat Game

You'd be forgiven for looking at this stuff and thinking it was for a major project, something like Halo 5, Destiny or Titanfall. Nope. It's for a game being made by four people.

That game is Strike Vector, and, holy shit, how have I never seen this before? It's a multiplayer air combat game, only your fighters can transform, ala Macross, and it looks amazing. How have I not seen this before?

Anyway, the art you're going to see today is by Paul Chadeisson, a name that may be familiar to Fine Art readers since he's a regular here, having worked on games like Remember Me. One look at the video above, and then the art below, shows that things have been transferred almost 1:1.

You can see more of Strike Vector at the game's site. Likewise, you can see more of Paul's stuff on his personal site (thanks CAW!)

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.


    wicked. enough said

    Oh concept art.... <3
    If only someone could make a game that actually looks as good as its concept art.

      actually if you watch the video its pretty damn close!

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