You'll Need Cat-Like Reflexes To Win The Arrested Development Fighter

From the warped mind of the guy who brought you LEGO Breaking Bad, here is a game that will not be shown today at E3: Bluthfighter — The Arrested Development Fighting Game.

As a not-regular watcher of the show, I get very few of the references here but I will say tag-teaming Tobias Fünke with Carl Weathers was a rather inspired choice. Arrested Development fans can fill in the rest of the blanks for me. (Tobias' finisher, and the trophy you earn for it, is also well done.)

The video is by Brian K. Anderson. Enjoy.


    Oh god i want this to be a real game.

    All the references were correct too! i loved the Tony Wonder arrival in a sandwich gag and the segway attack.

      He looks like he's fighting dragons. From the future.

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