Your Desktop Might Like This Enormous Wind Waker Art

It's not just Wind Waker's graphics that have got the HD treatment. The game's best piece of key art - a simplified version was seen on the GameCube version's manual — has been too. For better or worse.

Like the game itself, I prefer the GameCube's artistic take, but that doesn't mean I hate this. It's Wind Waker art. What's there to hate.

You can see the image in full below. And download it for wallpaper too, if you like; at 5000x wide, it should fit everyone's monitor.


    2003 Just slapped me in the face with a giant dose of nostalgia. My god it's pretty...

    Who has a 4:3 now days? why is this wallpaper nearly square?

    This is wonderful, thank you for sharing.

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