You’re Not Dreaming: A New Mirror’s Edge Game Actually Exists

It’s the kind of thing that been teased and reported multiple times over the last few years but you’ve never wanted to believe it. It’d be too cruel to get hopes up for a new Mirror’s Edge game, only to find out we’d never see a sequel for DICE’s sleekly designed first-person free-runner. Turn out the universe isn’t that cruel: we’re getting new Mirror’s Edge after all.


    "Coming ... When It's Ready."

    Yeah ... that did Duke Nukem a world of good.

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      Since when have you known EA to put out a product 'when its ready' ;)

        I do not mean to be rude but EA is the publisher (from hell!). DICE is the entity making the game.

          Exactly, so EA will push DICE to get the game out ASAP. Battlefield 3 was unstable as shit when it came out, buggy as hell. Didn't even work properly with Nvidia cards for instance.

          EA owns DICE, so saying that DICE is making the game doesn't really mean much.

          It's like trying to say that Bioware actually still exist. They do in name, but they have been homogenised into the EA machine for some time now.

            I know. I tried playing Mass Effect 3, :-(.

              I feel your pain, brother......

              /puts hand on shoulder

    Holy shit fuck yes
    (btw, less guys with guns please!)

      Yeah, that was fun being Sonic the Hedgehog until I picked up a gun and instantly became Abraham Simpson, :-P

      I also hope they improved the story. The one in the first game was an incomplete, half-arsed effort by Terry Pratchett's daughter.

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        Well if the trailer is anything to go by then it seems like there is more emphasis on enemies using melee rather than guns, which is good. Playing through with a no-gun run felt more suited for the game, but some sections just became ridiculous without having to resort to them.

        I always felt with the first one they started working on a real story (involving the satchels and stuff like that). Then about halfway through someone up top said; "Whats this? A DICE game that isnt BF3!? Quit slacking off and get working on Battlefield" So they patched together what they already had, hired an animation studio to do cutscenes to make some sort of story, then pushed it out the door.

          I think it is worse than that. I think that rather than release a complete game, EA decided to milk it and removed core elements for other franchise modes.

          For example, core elements of the story to the character backgrounds are only found in the four issue comic book series.

        Not quite fair, Rhianna Pratchett was brought in at the tail end to put a story to an almost complete game. Not really much room to move there.

    I heard it was just a reboot? Not a sequel?

      looks more like a prequel given that she is getting the face tatt in the trailer.

        Or that footage could be hype material. Apparently the first game had that as well where some of the trailers gave some of the back story before the game was released. EA even had some fake wanted posters for Faith posted about.

        I seriously hope they don't over hype this time. The first game was hyped up more than Spore and it turned out to be clunky at best after the first three levels.

          I really enjoyed it, playing on my PC at Max settings and a few tweaks i never had any clunky-ness.

          I actually got a hold of one of those original wanted posters, mate stole one for me while on holiday's in the US when the game was released, i thought that was a great touch given the story behind the game.

          I have to admit i'm worried it will be another DNF by the time it comes out, but i can hope it stays true to its roots, limited gun play and a massive focus on visuals and the free running puzzles.

            I don't mean clunky as in the code. I mean clunky in the level design and the flow.

            But truth be told I played the game on 360 and later gave it a shot on the PC to see what the PhysX was all about.

              Fair enough, mate of mine also played on console and i found it a lot more free-flowing and smoother on PC, i know its an old argument but the controls were a lot smoother and more intuitive on the PC.

    Always knew Faith's shoes on the corner of the tall building in BF3 were more than just an easter egg!

    Occulus rift.....

      (Screaming) AAAAGH! TOO BRIGHT! IT HURTS!

      No joke, there were times when I had to adjust the contrast became the area was too bright.

        Guess you can't really shade the sun from your eyes eh? O_o

    And then it was confirmed a reboot showing Faiths origin. Disappoint.

    Doesn't the disclaimer at the beginning (this footage made with game engine), just mean all we saw was a pre-rendered trailer using the game engine and no actual hint of gameplay?

    I mean I am excited as well, but given there could be no gameplay in that trailer as far as we know, this game could still be years away.

    Because rushing games out the door to meet deadlines and publisher demands results in such a great product right?

    Many top quality developers follow the "when it's ready" approach: blizzard, valve, CDPR to name a few. Duke Nukem is an anomaly and isn't really precedent for anything

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