100 Things You Might Not Know About Final Fantasy VII

In honour of Final Fantasy VII‘s recent Steam re-release, here’s a video by YouTuber NEroNeRoNerON exploring some trivia from Square’s classic RPG. Some of these factoids are a little silly — yes, if you park the airship on an island, fly a gold chocobo across the water, and then release the chocobo, you’ll lose access to your airship. Many of them seem to be based on hacks or glitches too.

But others are fascinating: that Sephiroth glove thing is going to bother me any time I replay the game now. And who knew you could skip all of the return to Midgar?


    • Me too! Stupid work computer not allowing me to..

      On a side note. I’ve been back into the the PS1 FF games lately. Had a new playthrough of 7 that I did everything in and beat Ruby Weapon for the first time! Which is long overdue as it’s about my 6th playthrough. Started up 8 after that and have just gotten the Ragnarok so time for me to hunt down those optional GF’s.

      • that was the only redeeming feature for FFVIII for me. The desire to explore and hunt down the GFs was what pushed me through the game rather than the story. It’s weird, it has the best gameworld to explore except maybe Esthar, but the characters and storyline are lacking in so many departments. I can pour hours upon hours into IX though

        • Diffrent folks different strokes but I loved everything about VIII! What may I ask do you think was lacking from both characters and story?
          That scene when you first discover Esthar was such a WOW moment for me, city itself can be a pain in the ass to navigate though.
          And since you mentioned it… I too have racked up many hours in IX!! Love me some Chocobo hot n cold

          • For me and FFVIII the main characters are just too immature, especially Rinoa. She just seems oblivious to everything that’s going on around her and must be the centre of attention. The one time someone actually pulls her up on it, Quistis, Quistis then immediately feels guilt and then fucks up the mission to kill Edea just to go and say ‘I’m sorry’. No wonder she wasn’t cut out to be an instructor if she has to apologise every time she tells the truth to someone.

            Also, if SEED is supposed to be this great force that was able to do anything where the hell are the rest of them beyond the main party? Are we believe that when Balamb Garden takes off that the most qualified leader available was Squall, someone who has shown no social skills and only just graduated from school?

            Edea was a great villian and the game has some brilliant moments, exploring the Garden at the beginning of the game is still quite fun, but then towards the end of the game the plot muddies up, you’re not sure what’s going on and you end up fighting a final boss that you know nothing about other than a 2 minute talk with Ze Zientist who hasn’t cleared up his accent yet. The other FF I compare that to is FFXIII where I didn’t have a clue why I was fighting the final boss or even that it was the final boss. At least in VIII I knew it was the final battle, but I still felt no real connection or triumph from defeating someone I only just met.

            The good side though, there’s lots to explore in the world. Getting all the GFs keeps me playing when I do pick it up and the summons are some of the best in the whole series. The locations are well designed, if a couple of them a little confusing to navigate (Esthar and Deling City). I like the draw and junctioning systems. They make more sense to me than most of the other series magic systems.

            But yeah, VI, VII & IX have so much more going for them. Strong villians who you want to defeat. Characters that’re more believable in the whole save-the-world situation. Storylines that, in a FF context at least, make more sense

          • You can’t really say the main characters are to immature and then only give an example of one such character :-p And whilst I agree she is immature, I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing as that’s obviously the way they designed the character. By the end of the game she has matured after all that she goes through. Quistis feeling the need to apologise for being brutally honest IS what causes the Edea assassination failing and setting up more of the plot for the game and just like you said, shows why Quistis wasn’t cut out to be an instructor.

            I agree with you on the whole SEED thing though, the ball was dropped on that one.

            I guess it might stem from the fact that I’ve played through the entire game multiple times but even on my first playthrough I never thought the plot gets that muddled. Ultemicia is alluded to a few times before Odine gives it all to you in a nutshell. Really when you are dealing with Edea on disc 1, you are dealing with Ultimecia, so you have technically met your final boss well before you face off., it’s just that you don’t know that then. And as it goes with the story you can’t meet her true physical form until the end when you learn about the whole time compression thing.

            I feel that with VIII, it has the whole global crisis theme going for it like all FF’s but just that it’s focus is solely on these main characters and there goings on that might be a bit of disconnect from the rest of the world. Also the fact that the last dungeon is saturated with all the time compression stuff, you don’t feel like your defending the whole planet, your just trying to protect your friends. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I feel VIII is trying to be more intimate and focus on a smaller group of characters and to me, feels the most human of them all.

            This is fun though and I look forward to your response!

          • Aye, not often I get to talk about VIII πŸ™‚

            Well other than Rinoa, Selphie is another one who has her excitableness at anything get in the way of seriousness to the point of it being too much and Zell seems to have ADD. Squall is your typical loner which is no bad thing, but I’d be annoyed too if everyone kept on teasing me because I like to keep to myself and I don’t even know what Irvine is but he’s not too bad to get along with. Interestingly Seifer’s probably the most centered character out of the orphanage troupe.

            As you said though, towards the end of the game they start to mature but it’s the moments in the beginning of the game that grate me. Rinoa and the Forest Owls doing their whole ‘meeting’ thing on the floor and Zell and Selphie quite rightly getting annoyed at whether they’re supposed to take them seriously or not. In the middle of the Garden battle Zell pestering Squall for his ring when everyone should be concentrating on imminent danger rather than running errands for Rinoa. Rinoa thinking she knows better than the SEEDs and her dad, a general in the biggest army in the world and then walking up the sorceress thinking that’s a great idea.

            I know the whole theme of the game is love but it could’ve been done so much better. Squall rejects Rinoa so much she doesn’t seem to take no for an answer. Not exactly your typical love story.

            As for other things, what was up with the whole NORG thing? That came from nowhere and pretty much went away again as soon as you defeat him. The whole Headmaster against the Faculty was set up to be a lot more interesting for a power struggle for control of the Garden imo. The same if Edea had remained the main villain in the game rather than the whole time compression, Adel, Ultemicia thing. It’s so much better in a game for me if you can see what you’re up against rather than have something working behind the scenes before popping up for the last battle.

            More positives though, Lunatic Pandora was awesome as was the Lunar Cry. The Deep Sea Research Centre was great to find and fight through. Can’t think of much mre as it’s been a while since I’ve play it. More to come next time I’m sure. Not writing very well at 12.30 on a Friday night

          • To me, I think they made viii a bit more ‘Your Party’ centric then other games in the series. Including the story line. In doing this they alienate a lot of the rest of the world. Some characters or issues are introduced but then swept away all at the same speed. NORG for example is brushed off in the main story but you can learn more if you choose to. Same I guess can be said with the whole Garden situation in that we never see any other SeeDs’ or potential leader other then Squall, as the game purely focuses on these orphans and their immediate surroundings.

            Personally I didn’t mind not having a sole antagonist throughout the whole game, but I am me and you are you so we won’t always agree πŸ™‚

            One thing I think that is the best thing they for VIII though is triple triad. BEST minigame/sidequest ever!

      • Ruby Weapon actually wasn’t too difficult to beat, there was a trick to it.

        Emerald Weapon on the other hand was basically impossible without a ridiculous amount of maxed out materia.

        • Oh no doubt about it! I knew the trick but just never managed to sit down and do it. I made sure I did this time πŸ˜€
          Maxed out materia indeed! Both doing that and sitting through the battle almost make it not worth it.

          • I remember to actually beat Emerald Weapon, I needed a maxed out Knights of the Round summon equipped to a Quadra Magic, then had whatever that imitation materia was that allowed the allies to copy the previous attack equipped to the other two party members, so you basically chained 12 maxed out Knights of the Round summons with a single cast. Also used Cloud, Cid and Barret due to their Final Limit Breaks all being powerful multi-hit attacks (and had them powered up and ready to go before entering the battle), unleashing the limit breaks after you destroy the emeralds and before they regenerate. Equip Phoenix to Final Attack to make sure you don’t die, and keep pounding him with chained Knights of the Round summons. Even doing that it takes about half an hour to beat him cause he has a ridiculous amount of HP, so the underwater materia that removes the usual 20 minute timer is a must.

          • Pretty much my method I used this time around. Mime is the materia your thinking of πŸ™‚ I had my cloud boosted so much that his Omnlislash was the biggest damage dealer but yeah with Cid & Barret were holding there own. Underwater materia is a must and that god damn ghost ship was a royal pain in the ass to morph this time around.. Kept sweeping away my character that had morph equipped. GRRRR!!

  • Well my interest is piqued by that image of Cloud on a date with Cid. I knew it was possible to get Barrett on a date, but Cid?

  • It’s kind of sad, there is a large section of memory dedicated to this game. It could be filled with some kind of useful skill or further education, but no. Who needs practical info when you have the entire FFVII walkthrough in your head

    • Every time I learn something new, I’m pretty sure I forgot something old.
      So when I spend hours in a training course for a system we end up decommissioning, I’m like… “Well. Guess I won’t miss that precious, cherished childhood memory.”
      Which, y’know… obviously I won’t miss it because I won’t remember it.

      Life is great! So is FFVII! Although seriously, I wouldn’t need super high-def anything, but could they at least put the battle models in to the world view at least? We know they have the power to render it…

  • Whoever did this named their players stupidly.

    Also, making me want to play FFVII again. Might have to add it to my Vita before I got away on holidays.

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