13 Minutes Of Very Impressive Assassin's Creed IV Gameplay

I've already seen this slice of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag in action. Now you can too.

I'm extra-wary of the new game after feeling so disappointed with Assassin's Creed III. And I'll only really feel more confident once I've had a chance to actually play the thing. But I'm guessing you'll agree that this demo is awfully impressive.

Furthermore, I've been playing Assassin's Creed: Revelations to completion for the first time, and am increasingly of the opinion that that game didn't get a fair shake. It's pretty damned good! The fact that many members of the Revelations team — including ultra-talented art director Raphael Lacoste and writer Darby McDevitt — have been working on Black Flag bodes well.

But, hey, enough from me. Check out the demo and judge for yourself.


    Havn't even played Revelations but you hate 3?

    I don't know I'll probably give it a go but I haven't really cared about or even enjoyed assassins creed since brotherhood. It comes to a point that it's all well and good to have some very fluid game mechanics but if you're story sucks then who cares.

    Very nice. My favourite part was the cat.

    This looks good, and I'm hoping the gameplay will be a combination of Assassins Creed and Sid Miers Pirates.

    Loving the no loading times between areas. Going to enjoy this on my Wii U!

      There will be loading times however when entering the big cites

        Got a source for that? Kinda sucks..

          They mentioned it in one of the earliest interviews I watched. It's a bit dissapointing but somewhat understandable.

            Thanks for coming back to this.

            Oh well, I suppose we can't have everything. Still should be a good one though!

              Think of it like the frontier in AC3. It had towns but no loading to get in them.

    Looks awesome.. I won't be buying it but yeh.. awesome... the thumbnail of the video made me think immediately of Far Cry though :) hehe

    I'm going to be playing this game without fast traveling. It seems like such a waste to be able to skip all that great scenery.

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