20 Gruesome Ways To Die In The Last Of Us

I hate dying in The Last of Us. But I also like dying in The Last of Us. It's complicated.

I like it because I like the brisk, matter-of-factness of the death screen. A clicker grabs Joel, things get ugly, and the game immediately cuts to black. But I hate it because I love the game's characters, and boy oh boy, can they die in some fucked-up ways.

This new video from Machinima demonstrates 20 of those ways. It's got some spoilers for late-game locations and events, and it is not, obviously, for the fainthearted.


    Almost as disturbing as some of the Tomb Raider deaths.

      yeah the tomb raider deaths were pretty full on,
      havent finished last of us yet so wont watch this yet.


    The worst one for me was getting stabbed by David's machete when creeping around as Ellie. That just came out of nowhere!

    Just gunna leave this here

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