25 Years Later, This Guy's Childhood Game Dream Is Coming True

I had a childhood game dream. It was to make a single game that combined Dark Forces, X-Wing and Privateer. I am nothing if not ambitious, but then I am a lot less closer to my dream than Andrew Bado is.

He had a game idea 25 years ago, and ten years ago started making it. That's... a long gestation period, but he's finally got the game in good enough shape to get a Kickstarter campaign up and running, and he's also got the game up for voting on Steam Greenlight.

It's a Metroidvania title, which as explained above, has quite the history:

Legend of Iya (it's pronounced Ee-yah), has been my never-ending passion project as long as I can remember. Beginning with early 8-bit computers, and stretching all the way to present day, the game has changed, evolved and improved over the years, from a simple 8-bit run-and-jump to something far more compelling. The game has seen at least half a dozen iterations, each time dying, but being reborn as some kind of a stubborn freaking phoenix.

So it's nice to see the game's finally getting made. For real. The fact it actually looks great is just a bonus!

Legend of Iya [Kickstarter] Legend of Iya [Steam Greenlight]


    I find it utterly sexist that the lead character is a girl. Why is it every time there is a lead character who is a heroine, they are never male characters? This is an outrage, I should totally write a Kotaku article about this.


    Last edited 19/07/13 10:46 am

      I find it sexist that you identify people by stereotypical genders such as MALE and FEMALE!

        Yes, all games should have a-sexual lead characters referred to only as it!

      It's just the tip of the iceberg. Have you noticed there are no male actresses? Or hostesses? It's a matriarchal conspiracy, I tell you.

        You apparently haven't noticed that there are no "actresses" or "hostesses" at all any more...

          I heard a wooshing sound just now, I think it came from somewhere above your head. And there are plenty of self-identified actresses and hostesses around.

    looks like a pretty cool effort. wouldve loved this on my SNES. good luck to him.

    This looks awesome, it's kinda like metalmetroidvaniaslug style.

    "A lot less closer"

    So he's more betterer than you?

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