3D-Printed Final Fantasy VII Characters Look Pretty Amazing

3D-Printed Final Fantasy VII Characters Look Pretty Amazing

3D printing is perfect for models with low polygon counts. Joabaldwin proves this with these precise recreations of the main cast from Final Fantasy VII.

Gorgeous work, although the lack of Heidegger and the Turks is a grievous oversight. Shots from different angles are below. Careful with that sword, Sephiroth.

FF7 [imgur via Reddit]


    • well he did say from the game FFVII, some of us wouldn’t actually think the actual game models of the characters though

      • It’s not even that, the final quality of the figures there in terms of printing is fairly dodgy when you go close up for solid colours.

        • that’s the limit of 3d printing at the moment, that’s as good as you are going to get with a $60,000 colour 3d printer. If you want glossy and happen to have 60k i’d advise buying a set then getting a chinese company to make a mold and make a few hundred thousand in coloured plastics with paint.

      • Of course I ‘get’ it. I bought FF7 the day it came out, hell there was so much anticipation for it, the first PS1 final fantasy game, had been following the art style, the characters etc for months beforehand, I collected the figures that I had to get from a local import shop (the action battle set) and had a poster of it. Hell, that was in my early 20s. Have loved the game incredibly so. Just because I don’t like the figures I don’t ‘get’ it? Arrogant dude, sheer arrogance to say that. It’s not that I don’t like the actual figure itself, I don’t like the quality of production of the figure on display.

        • I think these are brilliant, dodgy colours or not. Wish I could see them printed on a higher quality/more glossy finish, I’d even think about buying them. They still look sweet though!!

          • A fair comment, I’m merely pointing out on the production value that’s all. I think the figure is perfectly fine, a good representation of the characters and a great nostalgia trip. I think printed up in a glossy finish with solid colours instead of grainy dodgy ones, they’d look utterly spectacular and I’d very much want them too then adorning my packed away collection that yearns to be released from the packing boxes :\ I think it’s a little silly to be jumped over for having a differing opinion and being told I ‘don’t get it’ though. But then, internet…

    • I’m with the authors definition, they’re awsome. I wonder if I can get the models that were used…

  • Right in the nostalgia! Love the low-polygon look. Sure these characters look cool as their hi-res versions but these remind me of the game specifically, not just the characters.

    I’d like to collect the whole set 😛

  • I’m liking the possibility of 3D printing with what I’m seeing here. Now I need to find a way to extract 3D models of my Dark Souls character.

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