3DS Update Adds Rabbit Who Sells You Stuff In The Most Nintendo Way

A new 3DS update in America is triggering a major overhaul to the system's Mii StreetPass Plaza. And, in the process, Nintendo adds a rabbit to the system who wants to sell you stuff.

The video above shows you this rabbit salesman (salesrabbit) in action. It's quite a sight and probably a more effective way of selling games than just listing them in the system's shop.

As for the games the rabbit is selling, well, they're new StreetPass games meant to be played with Miis collected from nearby 3DS systems. I've not played the games. There's not even anyone to StreetPass with at the moment, as I write this from home at 11pm.

Sorry, readers!

Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior's Way and Monster Manor will go unplayed for now. Since they all came out in Europe already, you could just read about them in Edge. Each game costs $US5. All four can be had in a $US15 bundle. Buying each game gets you a new Mii hat.

The new Plaza update also adds an "Exchange Booth" that allows players to turn in tickets won in the new StreetPass games for Mii accoutrements.

And one of these updates or purchases also got me this... a Pixel Mario hat.


    MrsBS and I picked these up as soon as they were available. Fun times with streetpass :D

    That rabbit has been on there for a while and so has the pixel mario hat (It was literally the first one I got!)

    Bought the whole set the moment they fixed up that crashing bug 8D

    The plant game was one I expected to be the most shallow of the new games, but it's actually pretty in depth with breeding different types of plants, colours, doing jobs to grow specific plants....

    The others are also good: Monster Manor, you place puzzle pieces on the map of a mansion to try and find the stairs to go to the next floor. Every doorway (between each colour piece) has a chance to spawn a ghost, which you then fight with your anti-ghost gun (different gun types do better against different ghost types). Every time you make a 2x2 square (or larger) of the same colour you make a room that ahs chests or an orb to upgrade your weapons.

    Mii Force: A Shmup-type spaceship shooter, where the shirt colour of the Mii's are the type of weapons you have in-game. Good fun.

    Warriors Way: You're a king and try to take over the continent, one country at a time. You increase the size of your army for each person you meet, increasing yours by their number of street-pass hits (If someone's street-passed 50 times, you'll get 50 troops, ect) You choose what role you want your army to be when you fight in a rock-paper-scissors type (archers, swordsmen, cavalry) Fun, but unless you're getting a lot of people or ones with high hits, might take a while. I'm on my third country and having to wait to slowly build up my forces.

    I bought my 3DS-XL about 2-3 weeks ago and the pixel mario hat was one of the first ones I got (along with a mario cap and some cat ears or something) is this new in NA or something or is Stephen Totilo just a bit slow?

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