4 Minutes Of Some Of The Stupidest The Last Of Us Glitches Imaginable

I honestly never experienced a single bug (that I noticed) in my time with The Last of Us. But I have heard tales of a few funny and flailing polygons. So here's a four minute clip of a bunch of them, set to goofy clown music.

YouTuber Ben Buja compiled the glitches you see above. Think of it like the ultimate blooper reel.

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    I don't know if I'm missing out or if I should count my blessings, but I never seem to get many glitches in games.

    This game needed more dragons glitching.

    Wow, poorly made game is poorly made. How did this make it past alpha.

    I got tons! Many times I'd swing at an infected and miss, or I'd sneak up silently and they'd all know I was there, once I fell through the level... several times I've pulled off a perfect stealth kill only to then die for no reason and be back to the start of the level.

    I had the one where I killed a zombie that was on Ellie but she didn't stop screaming, it kept going for like the next 20 minutes until I ended the level.

    It was amusing though to be stealthily moving past clickers with her right behind me screaming her head off.

    I was relatively lucky. I only had one part where Ellie and the horse got stuck cantering on the spot, and another part where a group of infected that were meant to be calm (so I could sneak past) instead went crazy and started running about.

    I had a few clipping issues from time to time, but nothing major. Nothing worth bitching about, that's for sure.

    The only "glitches" I've had have been Ellie and Sam running around right in front of AI and not breaking stealth. It was entertaining to sit behind cover and watch them run around in front of a room full of armed bandits trying to figure out where "we" had gone.

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