A 44-Step Guide To Enjoying The Ouya

The good people at Gamesies have (had?) an Ouya. Here is their guide to getting the most out of the system.

Look, the Ouya's alright. Not amazing. Not terrible. It's got potential. It's got a few cool games. I don't support any piracy nor risking your life at a pawn shop, but, hey, this is their video, not my opinion.

Ouya & You(ya): A Step-by-Step Guide (Gamesies DLC #3) [YouTube]


    Where can I buy one from? I tried ordering this morning from both Amazon UK and the Ouya store and was told they couldn't ship to my address. Those were the links for international buyers on the Ouya website.

      Thats a bit strange, I was able to have mine sent to my Brisbane address without issue (ouya store)

      amazon US should be fine, a friend grabbed one the other day.

    Here's my four step guide to maximum Ouya enjoyment:

    1. Back Ouya on Kickstarter.
    2. Wait a year to receive Ouya.
    3. Sell Ouya on ebay.
    4. Profit.

      Oops, just watched the video, it's pretty much what I said but that guy didn't make a profit. Sucker.

    The fact you can't access the Play store is a MAJOR fail IMO.

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