A Big TV In The Back Of A Car Turns The 360 Into A Portable System

It's a bit much, in a Pimp My Ride kind of way, but if you've got a back seat with room to spare - or kids in need of silencing - check out this guide to installing a 19-inch TV and games console in a car. Put together by Instructables user rochassassin, who was facing a 36-hour drive with his family, it looks about as absurd as it sounds. But hey, rochassassin got to spend the drive playing his Xbox 360 instead of staring dumbly out the window praying for a quick death.

Put A 19in Tv And Game Console In Your Car [Instructables, via gamefreaks]


    I thought you weren't allowed to obstruct your rear view?

      Can't remember the legal specifics, but it's certainly not an intelligent idea.

        Well, considering the driving techniques of a good chunk of people these days...

          "Where did you learn to drive??? Which driving school???"


      Absolutely not allowed to. If the cops see that they'll be pulled over and given a warning or a fine. We were driving a mates mattress home from IKEA in my BA falcon sedan, it was in the back of my Falcon and from the outside it looked like you couldn't see anything, but the mattress was positioned in such a way it was in a 'smiley' curve, I could see down the middle with the rear view. The cop I was pulled over by had to sit in my drivers seat to see I was able to, it was only on those grounds I didn't get a fine.

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        I always thought you needed a minimum of 2 assistance mirror available, So the two side mirrors make it ok. May be wrong though :\

          Your side mirrors won't give adequate rear vision for your car apparently. I was told your rear view mirror has to be unobstructed at all times?

            I have a feeling that the cop was just trying to not look like an idiot(but I may be wrong). When you tow a boat(a big boat anyway), you cannot see out your top mirror. Hell, I went to splendour in the grass over the weekend, the car was packed to the roof, I couldn't see anything via the centre mirror and followed 4 cop cars in and had 2 behind me, none said a single thing, neither did the couple that were at the car check spot.

              Entirely possible and most likely. I think there's exceptions, such as trailers. But I'm ok with it to be honest. I prefer cops to be shown to be doing their jobs in cases such as that rather than to be just waving people on and ignoring them. I prefer to look at it that he was at least making sure it was safe. *shrug*

              It's also likely one of those things where if they did bother enforcing it? It's going to generate that much paperwork and that much effort vs that little payoff and reward that they'd have to decide... is it actually worth it? Personally I'd say hell no.

    Greatest use of a console in a car I've seen is the Wii U, for the obvious reason that it has its own screen. Just need to power the console and you're done.

      did not think of this, but now that I have its actually sheer brilliance.

      That's... pretty damn awesome. I may just do that myself for my son!

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    This looks so incredibly dangerous... I don't even know where to start,

    By current Australia road and vehicle law this is illegal, it blocks rear view from inside the cabin and also provides a distraction for any following cars.

    I've known people to be fined for having TV's that could be seen outside the car, classed as a distraction for other drivers.

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