A Board Game About Prison Gangs (And Yes, There Are Shivs)

The Oleg Story is a board game about being in prison. You're not trying to get out of the place. Just get by. Maybe you'll be someone's special friend. Maybe you'll be a bully. Maybe you'll bully the bullies. Maybe you'll team up and just...I don't know, pump iron and get tattoos. Each player controls a gang that's modelled after real-life prison gangs. So there are white supremacists, Mexican drug cartels, the Mafia...you know the stereotypes.

It sounds super interesting. Starting positions are determined at random, and each player is given tasks, which can "instruct you to invade a territory, avenge an attack, organise a fight or start a riot."

You can even trade cigarettes.

The game's currently up on Kickstarter, with the creators looking for £25,000.

The Oleg Story [Kickstarter]


    Does it have a shower trap card?


    You had me at Shiv. Now can I wear a long sleeve shirt with only the top button done up?

    Seriously, this is in the "PC" section. Why?

    Also, while some people find the concept of people being brutalised in prison hilarious, this is something we actually permit as a civilization and isn't particularly funny or a particularly appropriate concept for a game.

    Would people be ok with a game where random women or children on the street were beaten or sexually assaulted?

      It's in the PC section because of the political correctness shown by not having a black player icon.

      Also, see GTA, Call of Duty, Saints Row and hell, even borderlands has its fair share of wildly inappropriate content.

      It also made for a fairly good book and movie (Shawshank redemption) along with a number of TV series episodes and so on.

      Who mentioned brutalisation or sexual assault? I only see the term 'special friend'. Perhaps they are consenting adults who penetrate each other with love? Two lovers who meet in prison despite being from different gangs? Regardless who the hell are you to deem what is appropriate or funny? Go shiv yourself.

      And killing people with guns as a sport is morally sound as well?
      How about Burnout, where drivers are rewarded for causing crashes?

      I also read part of this book the other day, there was a particularly brutal part where a guy is nailed to a cross whilst still alive. And it's considered a good thing.

      The game doesn't seem to be glorifying it, it just seems to be unbiasedly highlighting it and looking at it from a point of interest. Hell, you could probably learn a lot about how messed up prison systems are from playing this game.

      And remember, at the end of the day, its a game. Let's judge it by its gameplay, not its context.

    I hope there's a special task where Heisenberg asks to have over half a dozen potential witnesses disposed of within a two turn period.

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