A Bunch Of Comic Artists Draw Batman With Their Eyes Closed

Bats are blind. So, shouldn't comic artists be able to draw The Batman with their eyes closed? Or something? That's the theory artist Olly Moss put to the test last week at Comic-Con.

Taking a note from the site Blind as a Batman, Moss asked a bunch of geek/comic notables to draw the caped crusader with their eyes closed. The results are entertaining:

Here's the one and only Scott C, the man responsible for the art of Brutal Legend and Psychonauts.

I liked this one by cartoonist Jhonen Vasquez.

Here's Moon and Warcraft director Duncan Jones.

Here's DC Comics art director Mark Chiarello.

This one's by Naughty Dog community manager Arne Meyer.

And that one's from Media Molecule's James Spafford.

Of course, Mr Moss had to show everyone else how it's done.

There are a lot more over at Moss' site; go check 'em out.


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