A Documentary About One Of The Greatest Video Game Publishers Of Old

King’s Quest. Space Quest. Leisure Suit Larry. Quest For Glory. What do these classic PC adventure games have in common? They were all published by Sierra On-Line. Now, a group of filmmakers want to look beyond the games and examine the legendary company’s people and history in a feature-length documentary.

The catch, because there’s always a catch, is that Molotov Angel Productions, the creators of Heroes, the History of Sierra On-Line, need a little bit of help. Via Kickstarter, the group is currently attempting to raise $US125,000, which they’re planning to use to turn the interview footage they already have into a professionally-edited documentary. They’re also planning to hire a composer to create an original score and, when the documentary is done, to initiate a marketing campaign to spread the word about the film.

With thirty-two out of thirty-five days left, the project so far managed to collect a meager $US5,500. If the short clip up top piqued your interest, or if you’re just a fan of classic adventure games and want to know more about how they came to be, you can take a look at the project here.

The History of Sierra On-Line through a Documentary Film [Kickstarter]

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