A Game Of 'Telephone' Is Even Better If You Use Cameras

We've all played "Telephone", the game of humorous miscommunication. But how would a video version work?

Composer Dan Deacon and director Ben O'Brien decided to find out, setting up a Telephone-like set of rules to help make a video for Deacon's tune "True Thrush"

Here's how it worked:

For the video, Dan and Ben filmed a simple 13-second scene. That scene was then shown to the next team. After seeing the video that team had 1 hour to recreate it — characters, props, set, costumes, and actions — as close to exactly as possible from only their memory.

Ha, that's a great idea. You can watch it play out up top — each time someone did something "wrong," I found myself thinking, "Oh man, that's going to take this whole thing off the rails." And off the rails it went.

You can find out more about Deacon's new album America here.

[via Sasha Laundy]


    Telephone? You mean Chinese Whispers? Political correctness be damned.

      I thought telephone was an American thing? Is this just an artefact of the US site?

        Telephone is apparently what the Americans call Chinese Whispers. So just another copy-paste thing.

    I have never played telephone :'(

    it looks awesome

      Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
      Banana phone

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