A Game Where You're In Jail. Suspected Of Murder. Oh, And Pregnant.

It's always nice to play an adventure game that's not set in a fantasy kingdom, gritty sci-fi future or cartoon world. Though, actually, I'm not sure "nice" is the right word to use when it comes to 9 Months In. An indie point-and-click adventure game, you play a woman who is both incarcerated and pregnant. Oh, and now also suspected of murdering her best friend.

That's a heavy load, but hey, not every game has to be about heroes and good times.

9 Months In [Game Jolt, via Sardonicious]


    That "Parking Goats" splash at the beginning is a good example of why all of the assets in a game or trailer should set a consistent tone. Very jarring.

    Otherwise, this looks interesting. I'll check it out over the weekend.

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