A Guide To Fighting Game Words You Might Not Understand

As the business end of Evo 2013 approaches, and spectator numbers swell, there might be those among you who want to watch the action go down but have no idea what people are actually talking about.

This handy guide, by the folks at Shoryuken, should help. You'll especially want to check out the "What on Earth are you talking about?" section down the bottom, which is a glossary explaining what "hype", "salty" and "bodied" - terms you'll probably hear a lot of for the rest of the day - actually mean.

How to Watch Evo 2013 [SRK]


    Bit late - I'm pretty sure I watched the finals earlier today...

      Bit late is one way to put it, considering how original article was posted a week ago and appeared on Kotaku Aus a good 3 hours or so after final game had finished. But hey, guess good for those who want to watch the vods but are new to the scene?

    For what it's worth it was an interesting read to me, someone who doesn't know (or care) about fighting games beyond the occasional Soul Calibur bout.

    I think we can all agree though considering evo finished early this afternoon for us and its a 3 day tournament this is just a little late

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