A Launch PlayStation 4 Versus A Launch PlayStation 3


    about the size of the slim ps3 maybe?
    not the current model the one in between

      Even smaller than that, I think.


      About 3/4 of the slim, possibly the size of the latest version of the ps3

    is NOT a launch ps3 (only has 2 usb, and i highly doubt it to be a 20gb unit)

      I think they just meant the first hardware version of the PS3. The amount of USB ports or HDD size doesn't change the physical size of the first PS3 hardware.

        is not the point you don't say launch if it is not a launch, say "original phat ps3"

    ARRRRGH! They forgot to rotate the PS logo on the PS3 when it was vertical!

      I had no idea it rotated! I just reached over and rotated my 60GB launch PS3's logo for the first time ever!

        Most Dell computer logo's do that too.

      MInd = Blown!

    Why do Sony always show their Playstations standing up on a $60 stand that nobody will buy?

      Tall and slim = attractive
      short and wide = not so much... unless they have a winning smile ;)

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