A “Low Violence Version” Of Saints Row IV Is Being Offered On Steam

A “Low Violence Version” Of Saints Row IV Is Being Offered On Steam

Saints Row IV has been refused classification in Australia, but Australians heading to Steam are still being offered the chance to pre-order the game. Australians heading to the game’s page on Steam are now being offered the chance to pre-order a “Low Violence Version”.

It’s possible that Deep Silver is continuing to sell pre-orders anticipating that a modified version of the game will make it past the Classification Board at a future date. Deep Silver has already stated it is “reworking some of the code to create a version of the game for this territory by removing the content which could cause offence”. It could be the case that this “Low Violence Version” is referring to that.

We asked Deep Silver but received a “Deep Silver has no further comments at this time” response, and a quick call to the Classification Board confirmed that it was not aware that pre-orders for Saints Row IV were still being offered on Steam.

A strange situation indeed. We’ll update if any new information surfaces.


  • Already pre-ordered from the UK and paid off. Not paying an extra $20 more locally, to play a censored version.

  • Just remove the Alien Probe weapon and rename the drugs. Problem solved. Its not the violence that is the problem just in its sexual nature. That is not to say I am against it being there in the first place I believe as adults we should be able to decide wether or not we can view this content.

    • I was thinking that instead of removing the Alien Probe, they change it so every person you use it on now yells out “I consent to this”.

      • Interesting thought. Changing it from sexual violence to consensual sex would mean there’s no grounds to refuse classification as it would then fall into the guidelines. I’m curious as to if they did that what the outcome would be. Would be an excellent test of the “new” system.

      • This would probably fly and would be at the very least 17 times more hilarious.

        • If making it consensual doesnt fly (which by the way is an awesome idea) maybe they could rename anal probe to anal massage. Massages aren’t violent at all. They might hurt sometimes, but they aren’t violent. Could be another (albeit) less amusing solution to the problem.

  • Haha low violence Saints Row. That’s an oxymoron if I ever saw one. Hopefully they’ll just remove the probe and drug names while keeping the rest of the content intact.

  • I’m still trying to get them to give me my money back for that. I pre-ordered a little while back and about a couple of weeks afterward, they decided to change it to the “Low Violence” version without telling me. Bloody annoying that they did that.

  • Nope, just nope, i said that this would happen, does Deep Silver actually know what they need to change? so instead of getting rid of the anal rape gun we now get “babies first shooter”.

    Violence was never the issue here, just that gun, get rid of the gun and you have solved your problem but neutering the game seems like an overreaction.

  • Guys. Relax. We don’t even know what “Low Violence Version” entails. Holster your rage until you actually know what you’re angry about.

  • overseas purchase for me, so this R18 rating hasnt really changed anything

    • Indeed. Australian brethren! Join with the Grumm and Transient and other proud patriots by drawling the national battlecry, (“Gwarn’n’gitfahrked,”) and importing your copies of the game for cheaper than Australian retail and higher quality!

  • I really wish they would stop bastardizing their stuff, it’s as if the game publishers think we Australian are all too stupid to import. If they want they could just skip our classification board all together and we will just import everything.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. If a game is not rated in Australia then Steam does not need to have a geo-focused special version for us.

  • They can replace the gun with a censorship rifle that just shoots little black bars to cover up anything naughty.

  • Now if they renamed the probe to the Australia Classification Review board probe I would buy it. I would love it if they took their same sense of humor and actually had a laugh about this and poked fun at the decision… would cost a little but would get some awesome press worldwide.

  • how’s about instead of messing with your game for no reason, Australia lets adults play adult games containing adult themes!!!!!!

  • screw a low violence version, just get rid of the probe gun for us. That’s the thing that seems to be causing the trouble.

  • They probably had to create a ‘low violence’ version for Germany anyway as they have extremely strict classification rules there, so I guess they’re just going to force that version on us as well?

  • I had an idea that they could change the probe to a hand that just gives the person a cheeky slap on the ass, I mean you see it all the time on TV with sports, for some reason sports people love slapping each other on the ass.

    But then I thought about that giant hand trap thing that was in one of those Jackass movies (saw it in a trailer, would never actually watch a whole one) and thought, if they bring in full modding support, then someone needs to make this.

  • This is “good” news, guys. This means you can give some money to your trusted US friend, and he can give you the uncut version.

    It worked for L4D2.

  • No thanks Deep Silver. Your intentions are noble, but your actions only lend legitimacy to our censorship regime. Truth be told I wasnt going to get it anyway, but if it turns out to be a great game ill import it.

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