A Most Unusual Pokemon Peripheral For The 3DS

This is Pokemon Tretta Lab for Nintendo 3DS. The app is a free download, but the hardware costs ¥3800 (around $38).

In Japan, there are coin-operated Pokemon games that use chipped plastic pucks. Players put the pucks on a mat on the machine, and the mat "reads" the pucks. So, for example, if you put down a Pikachu puck, then Pikachu appears on the screen. If you move the Pikachu puck around on the mat, then it moves around on the screen. Then, the Pocket Monsters fight.

The Pokemon Tretta Lab allows kids to "study" the pucks they have as well as the ones they don't have. There are also various battle modes.

Seems like a pricey add-on, but kids also get three original Tretta pucks. And at around the four-minute mark you can see just how big the contraption is. It's pretty big.

ポケモントレッタラボforニンテンドー3DS [[email protected]]


    At the 2:30 mark, a Jolteon puck is inserted, but Flareon appears

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