A Remote-Controlled Mako Surely Drives Better Than The "Real" One

Mass Effect's Mako gets a bad rap from many folks, but really, its heart was in the right place. That, and the fact it looked badass, means it still has its fans today, enough to go to the trouble of making a cool little remote-controlled version.

The RC Mako team have built this little vehicle that, in addition to looking like the "real" armoured personnel carrier/tank, functions like one too, with a working BB gun mounted atop that rotating turret.

You can see it in action below.

RC Mako [Facebook]


    Mako gets so much hate, yet it's the reason the first ME will always be my fav :(

      Yeah man those jumpjets were awesome fun.

        I loved the Mako! Never really saw what all the hate was about.

    I actually played the first 3/4 of the game before realising that there was a cannon button :P

    It better handle like a bouncy shopping cart.

    Bet it can't take on vertical mountain sides as well as the Mako.

    I loved the concept & art design of the Mako, but the actual implementation was far too limited for a lengthy RPG game, given the amount of time players spend in the vehicle.

    It really needed to be more fleshed out, like a proper "character", with a full interior view (with head-look, like vehicles in Battlefield 3) and more features and functions. I wanted it to be a true squad vehicle, and really integrated into the story. Not once did the player get to actually see inside the Mako, which created a huge disconnect for me while driving it around for long periods exploring planets. I didn't feel immersed at all, rather it felt like just directing an R/C car around, instead of feeling like my squad & I were actually inside.

    The Hammerhead in ME2 was also very disappointing for me because I had hoped Bioware would try to improve on the Mako. In fact it actually felt even less engaging due to the effortless hovering capability. I much prefer "heavy duty" wheeled vehicles in sci-fi environments as they feel more tactile and weighty.

    running out of material articles i see, so you have to dig up old stuff to rehash


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