According To This Game, Wolverine's Choice Of Energy Drink Is V

I'm not entirely sure how I stumbled onto this, but V (yes, the energy drink) has whipped up a game as part of a joint promotion with The Wolverine (yes, the movie). I was expecting it to be utterly pants and while it's not going to win any awards, there are worse ways you could spend 30 minutes on a Saturday.

If you hadn't figured it out, the game, called Tokyo Fury, is a giant advertisement. Fortunately, you can skip all the annoying parts with trailers and zooming logos and get straight into one of three play modes "Story", "Endless" and "Survival". Each has its own leaderboard, so if you want to try and compete with other random internet folk, you have a platform from which to boast from.

The controls are simple — left and right arrows to move, S to jump and A to attack. There's a bit of sliding and walk-climbing as well. It plays a bit like, I don't know, Super Meat Boy if the protagonist had adamantine claws and an intense dislike for ninjas.

I'm absolutely horrible at these sorts of games and made it to the third level before diminishing interest and the sheer embarrassment of getting kicked in the chops by the same dude over and over made me pull the eject cord.

Which dude? This dude.

He's a jerk. Just look at him!

He should be playing a professional ball-related sport with his kicking prowess. I mean, if he can send Wolverine flying, I doubt there's much an entire side of skilled athletes could do to stop him.

Tokyo Fury [V Energy]


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