All Of Hyrule Clashes In Bloody, Total War

Most conflicts in Hyrule, the setting of the Zelda games, are small-scale. A young man enters a dungeon, fights some monsters. That's about it. But what about the BIG Zelda wars?

Those are what's on display in Hyrule: Total War, a mod for Total War: Medieval 2. The mod has been around for a while, but it's just gotten a 3.0 release, and its makers have marked the occasion with this new (pretty outstanding) trailer.

You can download the mod here, if you'd like try it out.

[Reddit via PC Gamer]


    As a big zelda fan i love the look of this :D

    Don't let Nintendo see this or they'll be a C&D sent so fast (if they haven't already).

    I tried to like this I really did.
    But nope. And that Fi section looked horrific.
    Coupled with Zelda's eyes?
    Stuff of nightmares.

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