All Your Friends Are Back In This New Trailer For The Persona 3 Movie

Mitsuru! Akihiko! Yukari! So good to see you! The upcoming Persona 3 film, titled Persona 3 The Movie #1: Spring of Birth, has got a Japanese release date and a new trailer, which you can watch above. It will be out on November 23 in Japan.

I've played so much Persona 4 since the last time I played Persona 3, but damned if I don't still miss these characters. Also, Luke's been going on about the game since he recently finished, which makes me want to do a second P3P playthrough as the girl character.

Just what I needed, another JRPG to play...

[via Siliconera]


    PER...SO...NA! I love that game.

    Where's Chie?
    You said "ALL your friends"


    im just hoping it isnt going to be a 70minute movie or something short like that and they rush alot of the content

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