American McGee Secures Alice Film Rights, Launches New Kickstarter

Having finally nabbed film rights to his Alice series (following the cancellation of his most recent Kickstarter campaign), American McGee has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of the much-talked-about Alice feature film.

Asking for $US200,000, McGee seeks to create "animated short films inspired by the 'Alice: Otherlands' concept", with the ultimate goal of "[developing and producing] a feature length film version of Alice's story." Like The Animatrix, each short would be animated in a different style and written by different people. According to McGee, "World famous directors and writers have already expressed their interest in helping develop, write and produce the "Otherlands" animations."

Should this campaign succeed, McGee says we'll get "at a minimum, an animated adventure into Otherlands." If you like the sound of that, you can check out the project here.

Alice: Otherlands by American McGee [Kickstarter]


    You've misread. American McGee doesn't have the film rights yet; success of this Kickstarter will allow him to buy it. In fact, the Kickstarter is running for a shorter window than most kickstarters, because of a limited window of time in which the film rights will remain available for him to purchase them.

    did anyone play american mcgee's Alice? was it as annoying as I imagine this guy to be? or is it a phil fish I'm a douche but at least j can make good games kind of situation

      I played the second game. The gameplay was repeditive and it dragged on longer than it needed to but the art style, atmosphere and story was good enough for me to finish it. Luckily there is no gameplay in movies so if everything is done right it should be well worth watching.

      Why do you think he's a douche? He seems like an alright guy to me.
      The original Alice game had fairly mediocre gameplay, buy cool art direction and story. It hasn't aged well though.
      The sequel, Madness Returns, improved on the original in every way. Amazing art, awesome story and really fun gameplay. I really love it.

        this quote from his wikipedia did it... "I want to be the next Walt Disney, only a little more wicked."

          Really you think he is a Douche because he want's to be the next Walt Disney, he didn't say he is the next Walt Disney, he is clearly working on going in that direction and only time will tell, that does not make him a Douche just someone that has a goal and is motivated, unlike most people.

            so what are your goals and motivations, friend?

              I am currently going through a games design course and have started making my first game, hopefully by mid to late next year i would have released the game.

              How about you?

                sweet man, what kind of game? i'm almost finished my first novel, hopefully it's a hit

                  I am making a platformer and i am using Super Mario/Battletoads and Contra as inspiration, so if i can get the balance right i think i might have a decent game, only time will tell.

                  Congrats on your novel, what's it about?

                  @chobi77 sounds sweet, is that part of the design course or something you're doing on the side? and for me, it's still a little confusing, about sydney as a city and the death of its (fictional) aviator mayor and that gap between knowing something and then trying to turn what you know into something other people can understand

        I remember in Madness Returns there was a NPC in the real world that popped up everywhere who looked like an over-dramatised-drawn Liam Neeson. I couldnt help but say "wheres my family!?" everytime I saw him. It was quite funny considering he was looking into a cart of fruit.

      The game sucked major ass, but the story had ATMOSPHERE by the BUCKETLOAD... would make for an unbelievable twisted take on Alice.

    Y'know, András Neltz, if you'd actually clicked on the link you so kindly provided, you might have found out that he's trying to obtain the film rights via this Kickstarter, not that he already has them.

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