American McGee's Five-Year-Old Grimm Series Seeks New Life On Steam

Back in the summer of 2008, a game called American McGee's Grimm debuted on GameTapan episodic action-adventure written by R. J. Berg, who also worked on American McGee's Alice. In the following one and a half year period, Grimm received 22 additional episodes. And now, it's on Steam Greenlight.

In Grimm, your task is to infiltrate the world of each episode — based on classic fairytales such as Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood — and transform them into "darkly twisted Grimm versions of themselves." The episodes, of which there are 23, offer 30 minutes of gameplay each, bringing the total to just over 11 hours of content.

Grimm is currently still awaiting votes on Greenlight. You can take a look at its page here.

Grimm [Steam Greenlight]


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