An Amazing Takedown Of A Massive, Extremely Rare EVE Online Ship

I don't play EVE Online, but even I understood the gravity of this ambush takedown of an immensely expensive Revenant ship, one of apparently only three in existence.

PCGamesN's detailed breakdown makes sense of the jargon and of the encounter, which sounds like it left some bruised feelings in its wake.

[via PA Report]


    what language are they speaking?

      two one is english and other is probably russian.

      what i liked the most about this was the comms recording of the guys who lost
      "i hope you all F^%$%^ die"

    get the purple dot! No, the other purple dot!

    But my spreadsheet says i can fight against it! ill lose!

    Damn what were they trying to kill it with, railguns or lag?

    The green dots connected to the... purple dot... the purple dots connected to the... orange dot... the orange dots connected to the... lagging dot...

      the lagging dot is connected to my wristwatch... uh oh

    I guess retreat wasn't an option??

      One of the great things about pvp in Eve is you actively prevent retreat by blocking their warp drives. Of course you can counter the counter measure but they weren't expecting to be in this kind of fight so weren't prepared.

      Eve: it would be fun if it wasn't so complicated

      Disrupt his warp drive - he can still try to counter it but it takes time; you might be prepared if you knew you were warping into a dangerous situation but I guess that's why they call it an ambush :P

    Wing Commander The Movie was more exciting than that.

    It sucks to know that there is such an amazingly massive and intricate sci-fi MMO universe out there, yet it is so massive and intricate that I could probably never dedicate enough time to it in order to understand it.

      It's got a great tutorial these days - several in-game tutorial storylines introducing you to each of the different main branches of the Eve universe - at least, the ones a new player would be concerned with.
      Now, I'm not a WoW player - I was into Everquest 1 & 2 - and the game doesn't have the same level of accessibility that WoW has, but it's not much harder to learn. The help channels are really, well, helpful too.

        The tutorials are great, but unfortunately they aren't a great gate way into the Corporations which is where the real meat of the game lies, I find that the biggest problem getting into the game, they expect a lot from you to even be involved.

        Although MMOs like WoW etc have a ramp of involvement, you can play most everything of the game (with WoWs raid finder it made it even closer to the whole game) without submitting yourself to the mercy of other players. Eve unfortunately has a cap on what you can do by yourself before it becomes a senseless grind, with the only advancement past the "safe" solo areas being piracy, which is massively frustrating to new players (you deal with a lot of loss before getting wins)

          I disagree - I've only been playing since the end of January, but I've found many ways I could make money in high security areas solo - you can mine and sell the ore, you can mine and create stuff to sell on the market (I made heaps selling easy-to-make ammo), and the latest expansion made exploration (hacking and relic sites) so much easier to track down and make good money off of. Those are the easy solo ones, but there's still plenty of solo missions in several different categories you can do to make good money, too (though they loop becoming a bit of a grind eventually.)

          True, the game does revolve heavily around Corps, but even then there are plenty of "new player friendly" corps out there - I'm part of one, and they don't expect anything other than everyone to have fun - nothing is mandatory.

            I guess, I never really got into mining, found it extremely tedious and boring. Most people I knew who did mine were hardcore guys who had a second account who mined. But sure if you like mining then yeah there is plenty for you to do I guess

            I still think even if you do get into the newbie friendly corps you still only scratch the surface of the game and to progress is still extremely time heavy and reliant on submitting to those hardcore corps.

            Dont get me wrong I like so much of the concept of Eve and would love to have the time to play it properly it is just really not newbie friendly no matter how you spin it.

      At least until Star Citizen comes along (maybe not as massively multiplayer due to instancing, but just as massive and intricate in the scope of its universe)

      Get in on the ground floor!

        Yes, this, a lot of this.

          Agreed. I backed that on Kickstarter, I can't wait for it to finally ship. Some of the concept art is looking amazing.

    EVE is the most enjoyable game that I'll never play. The best stories come out of that community.

    Shine on, you crazy bastards.

    i feel for the guys who lost that ship. i had a friend who used to play and would describe how hard it was to get certain ships and that when u get dead, u lose it all. i cant imagine how long it would have taken for the poor bastards to get the ship in the first place.

    They are definitely speaking English. Welcome to fleet comms.

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