Anyone For A Fifth Element Cyberpunk Taxi Game?

The official Fifth Element game was bad. So it's nice to see that, 15 years after the movie's release, we're finally getting something that looks like it can recreate at least part of the experience. Collateral is a racing game currently up on Kickstarter (and Steam Greenlight) that has you driving a flying cab around a towering sci-fi cityscape. It's not an actual Fifth Element game, duh, but it's close enough.

It looks alright! Nice speed, an art style that's as attractive as I'm sure it was easy/cheap to produce, and in a rarity for Kickstarter, it's even got a decent name.

Collateral [Kickstarter, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    This was on display at PAX Aus, looks pretty cool

    people think that looks good? I thought it looked incredibly poor.

    I talked to the devs about this at PAX Aus. They seem pretty keen to do well.

    If we're going for taxi driving games, I'd rather see a modern remake of Quarantine. Not that I'm not interested in Collateral, of course, just saying.

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    I saw this at AVCon and had a lengthy chat with the developers. They are really nice people and deserve to be supported. The Australian Indie scene is small but appears to be growing. The game itself is very well executed and a lot of fun to play.

      +1 for AVCon representation. I too, saw this at AVCon :)
      Looks badass. Out of all the games that were on the ONLY advertisement reel of games all weekend, this stood out the most.

    We just had a chat with Josh from their team. Great people and great game. It's good to see them get more press. Don't forget their kickstarter!

    I think if we continue to ignore negative Nancy over there, he'll just go away - this game looks like heaps of fun! All the better that it's being produced by indie devs.

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