Are These Twitter Images Awful Or Awfully Funny?

Are These Twitter Images Awful Or Awfully Funny?

It’s the weekend! Time to relax. Time to unwind. Time to giggle. Online in Japan, a collection of “awful” or “terrible” pics are amusing and delighting internet inhabitants.

Previously, Kotaku posted some interesting Twitter images from Japan. Daily life in Japan is rather pedestrian and normal, but those Twitter images were anything but. Ditto for these!

Some of the images were taken in person, while others were spotted on TV. Some are new, while others are internet favourites in Japan. Have a look:

Pictures: yucho_ri, arasifan02, kstmk2, naonoto, manaka_de_ikuno, Kataoka_k, kaaaaaaai, k_shijimi, pleist, 0G_Naver, saki8_jp, maikasung, yagitao, yunio_uniqlo, 8zz, moritakisetsu, Matome, 5mm4u, Matome


  • Brilliant. I prefer to view my Twitter pics here anyway… less chance of GOD DAMN DUCK LIP SELFIES!

    • Any time I see one on FB now, I have an Elmer Fudd pic with him firing that rifle with BANG written on it. I just post that on it 🙂

  • That last one is excellent. The candid camera prank shows that I have seen on youtube from Japan have usually been hilarious, looks like it’s from one of those.

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