Avengers Alliance Is About To Get Three Times Cooler

Avengers Alliance Is About To Get Three Times Cooler

At yesterday’s Marvel Games panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, Playdom revealed exciting plans for its social/mobile hit Avengers Alliance, though none quit as exciting as these three upcoming purchasable heroes — Squirrel Girl, Moon Knight and Doctor Voodoo.

Season Two of Avengers Alliance is hitting the Facebook version of the game soon, bringing with it Heroic Battles, special fights that leave the players’ S.H.I.E.L.D. agents out of the mix in favour of reliving iconic battles like Wolverine vs. Sabretooth or Cable and Deadpool teaming up. There’s a new chapter mastery mechanic being introduced with costume rewards for completion, and Incursion battles, which pit the player against agents and heroes from an alternate reality. There’s even a new Spec Op coming that follows the comics’ “Dark Reign” storyline, with Ares unlockable for players that conquer the scenario.

Exciting times, but none as exciting as Squirrel Girl, let alone Squirrel Girl, Moon Knight and Doctor Voodoo.

Meanwhile, on the mobile side, iOS gamers are gearing up for the first in-game Spec Op, along with the launch of season one, chapter six in early August.

That is all.


    • He’s been in for a while now, a few months at least. He’s just not that great however.

      • Oh really? I guess he must be bad because I haven’t seen him in any reviews or anything like that. Ah screw it, I’m gonna go play Ultimate Alliance again.

        • A few months is nearly 12. He came out in August last year.
          I dropped out for a while, but came back a couple of spec-ops ago. Managing my time better and quite enjoying it.

          Looking forward to Squirrel Girl and Moon Knight.

          • I do see many complaints about the PVP, but I have finished in Vibranium for the past two seasons without much problem with Juggernaut & Magneto and Juggernaut and Psylocke respectively. Have been getting my Satana and Hellstrom team ready for next season. 😛

            I do admit it was pretty annoying prior to the nerf on Rescue with the constant Rescue and Omega Sentinel teams. :/

          • I ended in Adamantium last season. First Adamantium finish ever.

            I still don’t have Juggernaut, but I abused the Emma Frost/Iron Patriot combo to finish all matches in less than 2 minutes. I was sick of even seeing Rescue/Phoenix teams, especially Phoenix. Once Rescue got nerfed, I saw nothing but more Phoenixes. Phoenix/Hulk, Phoenix/Patriot, Phoenix/Quicksilver, you name it, I’ve seen it…

            I might give PVP a break next season, it’s too tiresome.

  • Hooray, Moon Knight and Squirrel Girl are awesome.

    I already have most of the characters released so far cept Havok, Hank Pym and Mockingbird, it’s a decent enough RPG style time waster, better than any of the other FB games I’ve played.

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