Awesome Tattoo Looks Like Suit Of Armour

Awesome Tattoo Looks Like Suit Of Armour

Dmitry Bronya is the man responsible for this incredible tattoo. It looks less like a heart or Koi fish, and more like something that’d protect you from a maniac swinging a giant blade.

I normally look at tattoos and think that while it looks cool now, in 10, or 20 or 30 year’s time, it will look naff. But not this. Medieval armour has remained badass for 1000 years, another few decades won’t see that come to an end.

Tattoo of the week: Artist:Dmitry Bronya [Flickr, via Fashionably Geek]


  • My mate is having something amazingly similar done, he just had the first half of it done in Vegas. His was a little more painful to get than this one would have been though since it’s also on his under arm. He’s going to get the fore arm done next year to finish it off.

  • I’ve actually seriously concidered getting this done myself in the past, i love the way it looks.
    seen a few really good one’s, but never found an artists locally that i’d trust not to mess it up.

    i love how the armour is broken where he has a scar, adds to the effect.

  • Is there a place to post gaming tattoos on Kotaku? Id love to get talking to some people who have been to artists in Australia that know their shit about games and can design a good tattoo

  • That really is badass. It looks fantastic. Colour won’t age well, but it’ll definitely make a re-colour very interesting. Especially if he does it in black or something, leaving the blue as an aging, battered metal effect.

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