Behind The Scenes At Good Game

Behind The Scenes At Good Game

I’ve written about Good Game before (Good Game: Spawn Point more specifically) but this short, slickly put together documentary takes you behind the scenes of the ABC2 show. If you have any interest in how both Good Game and Good Game: Spawn Point are put together, this is worth a watch.

Having been at Good Game HQ, and knowing a lot of the folks who work on the show, I can tell you first hand that these guys and girls work bloody hard. I’m a fan of the show (Spawn Point especially for some weird reason) and this docu gives a decent insight into what it takes to produce two shows of that quality week in week out.


  • I’ll admit that these guys used to bug me, but it’s a videogame show on TV so I decided to watch it.
    Then I found their reviews to be quite fair, balanced and well thought out.
    Then I appreciated their features.
    Then I began to find the hosts endearing (yes, even Bajo)
    Then I realised I really like the show now and I respect the work everyone on Good Game does.

    I still would like if they used something other than rubber chickens to rate their games though 😛

    • I dont mind the odd episode, as long as they focus on the reviews, the GG:sp being aimed obviously at kids irks me in a ‘lets try make nerds cool, by actually degrading the way we talk and encouraging children to act like morons’ kinda way.

      As for the hosts, while on screen i dont mind them, i’ve been told by a few people i know in the same industry or from convetions that bajo has a very “holier than thou” attitude towards fans.

    • I agree with you on all these points.
      And I could watch Hex sit there and do nothing all day. You know, if she’d let me.

  • Yeh not really a fan of the show, but hey it is the only gaming show on free-to-air TV so I catch the occasional episode. Some of their stories and reviews are entertaining, but at other times it just feels a bit too kiddie for me, with that talking robot and rubber chicken scoring system. I don’t think I am the target audience anyway so it’s all good.

  • Top show, i tune in each week. Im a pretty casual gamer, i fill my time out of work hanging with my Gf and making beats. I get all the relevant info i need from this show and also kotaku and ign etc…

    Hosts Bajo and Hex are great, know their stuff and are easliy relatable. The pace of the program is great and features plenty of accessable content.

    And i think ive got the hots for Hex too, im sure im not alone.

    • Yeh I started watching from season 1 with jung, kapowski and daneel, but after they replaced jung with hex it wasn’t the same, I gave it a few episodes, but it lost all core appeal for me.

  • I loved the show when junglist was still hosting, i think it had a much more sincere vibe back then… Saying that… I still love the show… you get a sense that alot of effort goes into what they put together.

    • I like the work that Hex does, but dammit, I miss Junglist as well.
      I’m actually a really big fan of this show. I don’t have a working aerial right now, and this is one show I download each week.
      Not Spawn Point though. Can’t stand Darren.

  • Good Game and GG: Spawn Point are the only shows I watch without fail every week. Bajo and Hex are great hosts. I get at least one genuine lol every episode, often a lot more from GG:SP.
    Their reviews are the only ones I watch at all, unless there’s a game they didn’t review. I love how they don’t take themselves or the games too serious, after all they’re just games.

    Oh and Hex with those dimples……………………………………………………………………

  • I rarely agreed with Bajo and even less with Hex, so I had no reason to continue watching.

  • Junglist gave the best reviews. When Hex started sounded like Bajo was writing the reviews and giving her half his lines. We all know she was primarily hired cause she better to look at. The show is more entertainment then substance now. 🙂 ;p /;[ 😐 < o

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