Being A Hater Is A Full-Time Job

Game critic Cara Ellison and artist Elizabeth Simins are back on Kotaku with another amusing comic strip about life on the Internet. The particular lifestyle at hand today: haters.

Follow Ellison's writing on her blog Hard Consonant. She's on Twitter too: @carachan1. You can find more of Simins' art, much of it about video games (like Xenoblade!), at Cargo Collective. She's on Twitter @elizsimins.


    FInally I get some recognition!!! Though I'm more of an over cynical disbeliever, I've done a few shifts as a hater, especially new stuff, why do they keep having to make new stuff??

      Even the old stuff that was complete and utter shit is better than the new stuff. But maybe not the really old stuff because that sucked even worse than the new stuff.

      Yeah, people really underestimate how much work is involved in making sure that everyone knows that everything is shit, and why they should be angry about it. The only thing worse than people not knowing they should be angry, are the people who are angry for the wrong reasons.

      They'll wise up if we yell at them and insult their mothers enough, but man, it's thankless work.

        I like haters. Usually they're they only people who respond to my posts.

          You'll never be ForeverAlone.jpg as long as you're pissing someone off...

          I think you've just discovered the origin of the troll.

    wankchops..... thats my new word... man my missus isnt guna like being called that :P

    poor john, looks like he did an all nighter

    damn, i would be a freaking billionaire if hating and trolling was a paid job

      It is a paid job. You just have to end up as leader of the opposition party.

    This is such a terrible comic. First off, they spelled David's last name wrong, and his job is Solid Snake's voice actor, not some professional writer of vitriolic commentary. Geez, get it right.

    Last edited 24/07/13 7:01 pm

    Where's the joke? That people who criticise things are silly? Is that it?

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